Acer Upgrades VR Headset’s Headstrap for Consumer Launch

Acer Upgrades VR Headset’s Headstrap for Consumer Launch


Acer’s Windows VR headset initially became available earlier this summer as a development kit. In October the company will launch the consumer version of the headset now with an upgraded head strap.

The Acer “Mixed Reality” VR headset is due to launch in October along with the others, and while it was advised that development kit versions wouldn’t be much different than the consumer versions, Acer’s headset looks to be getting a solid improvement to its headstrap.

Acer’s Mixed Reality headset dev kit | Photo by Road to VR

The Acer VR headset dev kit launched with a somewhat flimsy looking ‘buckle’ strap which you’d pull tight around the back of your head to adjust the fit, then squeeze a button to release the tension when you’re ready to remove it.

The company’s new product page for the consumer version of the headset shows an upgraded strap which adds padding and changes the fitting mechanism from a buckle to a knob, similar to the other Windows VR headsets. The forehead section of the headstrap also appears more broad and to have slightly thicker padding.

Image courtesy Acer

From the photos we can see that a visor hinge remains, making it easy to flip the visor upward for peeking outside of the headset without removing it. The rear size of the improved strap also suggests there’s some additional weighting back there to better balance the headset.

Though the upgraded strap looks to be a welcomed improvement to comfort and usability, it’s a shame that none of the Windows VR headsets are offering integrated audio, which means users will need to don a third-party pair of headphones or earbuds if they want immersive audio, something we’ve found to be sorely missing on any headset lacking it after getting used to the Rift‘s built-in headphones.