E3 2017: Seeking Dawn Looks Like The VR Shooter We’ve All Been...

E3 2017: Seeking Dawn Looks Like The VR Shooter We’ve All Been Wishing For | 3D VR Central


Multiverse Entertainment showcased their newest VR title, an intense FPS set in an unforgiving alien world.

Seeking Dawn was a big name this week during E3 2017, particularly among the VR community, but it was also a game that was getting attention from all kinds of players. Seeking Dawn was first shown during the PC Gaming Show conference, and was used to show off Intel’s newest line of processors.

It was actually demoed in mixed reality (MR) – which is becoming a popular choice for VR studio’s to showcase their projects. In mixed reality environments, users seamlessly navigate through both the real and virtual environments at the same time. Instead of residing in an entirely virtual world (i.e. virtual reality), virtual objects are anchored into a user’s real world space and augment their real world environment, making virtual interactions appear to be “real.” These interactions mimic our natural behavior of interaction, such as objects getting bigger as you get closer and the changing of perspectives as you move around an object.

Set to feature over 10 hours worth of gameplay with a massive overarching storyline, Seeking Dawn puts players into an immersive alien “death world” full of hidden dangers and hostile creatures. Alongside multiplayer co-op, the title is set to feature crafting, cooking and gathering mechanics, survival elements such as sickness, hunger and oxygen, construction of buildings and defense, as well as thousands of weapon configurations and rarity tiers.

DVS Gaming’s very own Liam “McBiggz” McGinn attended the PC Gaming Show conference and was able to see the gameplay first hand, as well as try it out for himself using the HTC Vive on the E3 convention floor. Not only did he express his excitement for how fluidly the game played and how much he enjoyed the controls, but he also praised the game’s immersive world and outstanding graphics.

“The way to get the crafting items was to kill enemies as opposed to gathering resources like traditional survival games. It seamlessly combines an immersive FPS feel with survival, almost like a Halo meets Minecraft. The controls felt fluid and natural and the ergonomics were on point. I’m super excited to see what else they’re going to do with this game.”

Multiverse is a world-class VR studio founded by veterans in the gaming industry who come from places like Disney, Ubisoft, Wevr and Riot to name a few. Their goal has been to create industry-defining content and help bring VR to the masses. Their previous game, Reveries: Dream Flight, is one of the highest-rated VR games worldwide and one of the top-selling titles on the Oculus Store. It has also been deployed for use in medical treatment at the Stanford University Children’s Hospital and numerous other medical institutions.Seeking Dawn looks like it is to be one of the next biggest titles added to their arsenal and likely to be one of the biggest names in VR for the next year. Check out the trailer below:

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