Gran Turismo, Windows VR and Samsung Odyseey: The Five Biggest Stories In...

Gran Turismo, Windows VR and Samsung Odyseey: The Five Biggest Stories In VR This Week


Missed out on all the week’s biggest VR news? Where have you been, Mars? Oh, actually I guess that’s quite possible. Well, either way, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of the biggest stories in VR over the past five days.

Hands-on With Gran Turismo Sport’s Disappointing PSVR Support

Gran Turismo is Sony’s premier racing franchise, so we’d expect top-notch PSVR support for the series’ PS4 debut. Sadly that’s not quite the case; playing GT Sport in VR is indeed a fantastic experience, but it’s also sadly limited. You can take part in one-on-one races against AI opponents, but that’s about it. Maybe Gran Turismo 7 will gives us the full VR support this series deserves?

Windows VR Is Here

Microsoft’s big bet on the future of Windows kicked off this week. The company has launched a range of VR headsets made with partners like Acer and Lenovo that run on its new Mixed Reality platform. These devices are inside-out tracked, meaning you need external sensors for positional tracking. A range of apps have launched alongside the platform, including some old favorites and some entirely new games. What does the future hold?

The Verdict On Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall seemed a little too ambitious for the PSVR hardware, but we were very happy to discover that the game is actually a joy to play inside the headset. In this superhero simulation, you have to save cities from alien invaders by taking them down as quickly as possible while trying to avoid any destruction. It’s easier said than done, but the frantic arcade gameplay is one of Megaton’s greatest strengths.

Samsung Odyssey Isn’t Coming To Europe

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform could be a big deal, so it’s a big shame to hear that one of its best headsets isn’t coming to one of the world’s biggest markets. Samsung’s Odyssey, launching in the US on November 8th, is meant to represent the best of the bunch with a higher resolution display, integrated headphones and more. Sadly Samsung confirmed to us that it won’t be releasing in Europe, so fans there will have to make do with the others.

Alvo Is PSVR’s Latest Shooter Hope

PSVR owners are hungry for great shooter action, and Alvo looks set to provide. This multiplayer first-person shooter takes its inspiration from both Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, pitting you in modern combat with close-quarters environments. It’s also coming to Rift and Vive and features full cross-play support, so hopefully, those lobbies will never be empty.