GRAND THEFT AUTO VIVE – GTA 5 with the Best VR Headset...

GRAND THEFT AUTO VIVE – GTA 5 with the Best VR Headset 2016 !


Play GTA 5 with the HTC Vive now ! It even works with the motion controllers ! GTA Vive rocks ! Get GTA V for VR / PC here: Download GTA V vive here:
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GTA V on HTC VIVE is provided by a modder who managed to make Rockstar’s open world game work on VIVE. Modder who goes by the Downsider has modded Grand Theft Auto V to make it support HTC VIVE. You can check the video to see just how immersive it could turn out to be.

Downsider started working on the mod once again after putting it on hold for a month or two, now that his “school is out.” The controls are mapped to your HTC VIVE controller and are tracked in-real time. Obviously, the game runs in first person view with HTC VIVE.

Players are able to aim their weapons with their hands which makes the experience more immersive and fun. Room-Scale tracking enables players to duck behind covers to avoid gun-fire. GTA V maps is massive but looking it in VR will make it overwhelming.

There is no word right now from its creator about when this mod will be out but fans on Reddit seem really excited to get their hands on it as soon as possible.