New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For Week Of 07/09/17

New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For Week Of 07/09/17


Rift might be on sale, but its Gear VR’s time to shine on the content side this week with two big new releases. There’s some cool stuff for Rift too, but this is one of those weeks it’s better to be a mobile VR gamer.

If you missed the previous entry of this list you can see those new releases here. And don’t forget that UploadVR has a Steam community group, complete with a curated list of recommendations so that you don’t have to waste any money finding out what’s good in the world of VR.

Plus — check out our list of the best Oculus Rift games and best Gear VR games for more suggestions!

New Rift and Gear VR Releases for Oculus Home

Augmented Empire, from Coatsink
Price: $9.99 (Gear)

This week’s big release is a new turn-based strategy RPG from the creators of Esper. Augmented Empire mixes Mass Effect with XCOM with squad-based battles and a story that focuses on character. It’s got plenty of interesting ideas and promises around 10 hours of gameplay. Not bad for a Gear game.

Recommendation: Absolutely grab this one.

VR Sports Challenges Mobile, from Sanzaru Games
Price: $2.99 (Gear)

Sanzaru’s Oculus Touch launch title gets a second outing on Gear VR using the headsets fancy new motion controller. Get a taste of a number of different sports inside VR, playing fun minigames in tournaments to rack up points.

Recommendation: Another great buy for Gear fans.

Sublevel Zero Redux, from Sigtrap Games
Price: $9.74 (Rift)

Sigtrap’s entertaining 6DOF shooter finally gets the full VR treatment with a free expansion to the original game. Explore winding caverns and fight off waves of enemies. A roguelike element will keep you coming back for more.

Recommendation: A great pick for Rift owners this week.

Zombie Nom Nom, from Cratesmith Game Assembly
Price: $2.99 (Gear)

VR has plenty of zombie shooters, but what about one in which you actually play as a zombie? Nom Nom looks like a pretty entertaining twist on the genre where you go in search of other people’s brains.

Recommendation: This could be a lot of fun.

New Oculus Rift Releases for Steam

Kart Racing Pro, from PiBoSo

Kart Racing Pro is a simulation experience intended to serve as a tool to train real drivers. The game’s physics system is built from scratch, hoping to accurately simulate kart dynamics.

Recommendation: This is a highly detailed simulation of kart racing. Not intended for casual gamers, but not bad for hardcore fans.

Price: $39.99

Balloon  Chair Death Match, from Climax Studios Ltd

Price: $11.99 (Currently Discounted)

In a world where balloons are the premier way to get around, you must battle through dogfights where you shoot out your enemies balloons. There’s a single player campaign with 14 missions over two cities, a single player deathmatch, multiplayer deathmatch, and survival mode.

Recommendation: Definitely one of the best arcade shooters we’ve seen in a while.

Red Bull 360, from Red Bull Media House

Price: Free

Red Bull 360 gives you access to a collection of 360-degree videos for intense activities such as surfing huge wakes, drifting in a race car, doing a handstand atop a city bridge, and much more.

Recommendation: This is some free, intense action. Go for it.

Everyday Gold VR, from WISECAT

Price: $33.99 (Currently Discounted)

Everyday Golf is a VR golfing title where the developers have attempted to strike a perfect balance between fun and realism. The game includes 63 holes, a competitive mode for up to four players, and a tour mode where you can play for prizes once-a-day.

Recommendation: If you’re interested in golf, this could be a definitive entry for you.

Late For Work, from Salmi Games

Price: $9.99

In Late For Work you play as a giant gorilla while wearing your VR headset and take on up to four puny human friends outside of VR on the PC screen as they drive around the city in vehicles. The fast rounds provide a party style game where everyone gets a turn.

Recommendation: This is a must-have for local VR multiplayer activities with only one VR headset on hand.

Radioactive, from Dissident Interactive

Price: $13.59 (Currently Discounted)

Radioactive is an open world zombie survival game where you must scavenge, hunt, and survive. This follows the model of popular survival titles where there’s no handholding as you figure out the mechanics as you progress through an unforgiving world with no save files or extra lives.

Recommendation: Definitely keep an eye on this during Early Access. There will be multiplayer added in the future.

Tunnel Runner VR, from Mocove Studio

Price: $1.79 (Currently Discounted)

In Tunnel Runner, you must run through infinite space filled with twisted tunnels in various fantasy-inspired environments. The game is a simple, casual experience with basic controls and some catchy music to keep you entertained and engaged as you play.

Recommendation: Pass, unless you love endless runners.

Retro Block VR, from Mocove Studio

Price: $1.79 (Currently Discounted)

So…Tetris, but with worse controls?

Recommendation: A bit of a wonky title that didn’t really need VR support. Skip this one.

GORN, from Free Lives

Price: $14.99

GORN is an incredibly violent gladiator simulator with physics-driven combat and extremely bloody collisions. You can use swords, maces, throwing knives, nunchucks, and more to take out your adversaries or just use your bare hands.

Recommendation: This is a must-have for fans of brutal violence. Read our hands-on impressions.

Viral EX, from Fierce Kaiju Ltd

Price: $8.49 (Currently Discounted)

Playing as Ragnarok the anti-virus, Viral EX tasks you with cleaning up a supercomputer called E.V.E. You’ll use power-ups and different trick shots as you progress through 50 stages of enemies, traps, and puzzles.

Recommendation: It’s ultimately a port of a Gear VR game, but there is fun to be had here if you like arcade-style shooters.

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