Oculus Touch will now come with every Rift sold, for no extra...

Oculus Touch will now come with every Rift sold, for no extra cost


Oculus is probably seeing a lot of headsets fly off the shelf right now, having temporarily slashed the Rift and Touch controller bundle down to $399. Even smarter, the company has announced that, going forward, the Touch controllers will be bundled with all headsets sold, at a total price of $499.

If you do the maths here, that’s been the price for the Oculus Rift alone until now – Touch costs $99 a pair when bought separately. Bundled together, the package cost $598, so essentially Touch is now free when you buy the Rift.

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You’ll still be able to order Oculus Touch separately, but from this point onwards you won’t be able to get a Rift headset without the controllers included.

And that in itself is a very good thing. We’ve argued before that Touch is becoming a crucial part of the Oculus experience. More and more games are offering, if not requiring, the Oculus Touch controllers. Playing with an Xbox One controller is fine for some games, but at this point it feels like you’re getting half the experience.

If you’re tempted to get an Oculus Rift, of course now is the best time to do so with the ‘Summer of Rift’ deal bringing the package down by an extra $100. Either way, Touch is such an integral part of the Oculus experience now that it can’t really live without it.

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