Photogrammetry w/PhotoScan & Unity – Bring your Photos to Life! (Oculus Rift...

Photogrammetry w/PhotoScan & Unity – Bring your Photos to Life! (Oculus Rift & Touch)

My apologies for the rough models. I really wanted to show off this program in hopes to inspire more people to get into photogrammetry! It’s a wonderful way to not just make games, but also to preserve history!

Although this video doesn’t do a very good job explaining the process, it is very easy for anyone to jump in and get started.

Currently I am still trying to learn the most effective ways to create my models, but this allows for me to have a much better starting place then without.

In this setup I was only using ONE tracker as my other one was not even plugged in. I didn’t realize this till after the video filmed) Luckily I never noticed)

If you have any questions let me know!)

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