Project Cars 2:”No Plans To Support The PSVR At Launch”, Says Bandai...

Project Cars 2:”No Plans To Support The PSVR At Launch”, Says Bandai Namco – GeeksULTD


Project Cars 2 is set to set the stage on fire when it releases. Being a very well received franchise in the gaming and motorsports community, the franchise has built a lot of trust and expectations. With the launch of Project Cars 2 almost coming to an end, there’s a lot of questions going on regarding the game.

One of the most frequently asked questions that Bandai Namco answered in their FAQ is the support for PSVR. Being a huge title that drove VR sales and amazing experiences, the title has been highly regarded in the PC gaming community. Bandai Namco mentioned and answered in their FAQ:


Project CARS was a launch game for the Oculus VR system. The franchise is a leader in Virtual Reality, and you can expect a class-leading VR experience out-of-the-box. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are both supported.



There are no plans for PSVR to be supported at launch.

It seems like their consideration of even supporting PSVR could be held in a corner or may not even make it to Sony’s PlayStation VR ecosystem. Being a game that maxes out the power of gaming PCs, the title is set to serve gamers the thrill they want to enjoy. And with a congested schedule and slew of racing titles making it to the scene in Q4 2017, its going to be an intriguing ride to see how well Project Cars 2 entertains the casual gamer with Need For Speed, Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport hanging around the corner. Oh well, let’s not forget that GT Sport would support the PSVR being a core title for Sony. Interesting months ahead!

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