This Aim-Supported Online Shooter Could Be PSVR’s Very Own Onward

This Aim-Supported Online Shooter Could Be PSVR’s Very Own Onward


PlayStation VR (PSVR) owners are hungry for full gaming content, especially following the release of the gun-shaped Aim controller, enabling a new wave of immersive shooters. One studio is looking to use that controller to give fans exactly what they’re asking for.

Reddit user redrad56, a member of Quiz Night Tonight developer Mardonpol, has been teasing this untitled project over the past few weeks on r/PSVR. It’s an untitled multiplayer military shooter that pits players against each other in 5 vs. 5 battles. There’s no name for the project yet but it’s been described as a blend of a Call of Duty game and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

There’s a handful of images right now depicting an urban setting. Check out some of the early prototyping the developer has done in the videos below.

The game reminds us a little of Onward, a simulation-style multiplayer shooter from Downpour Interactive. The game was a surprise success story for PC VR headsets and we’ve always hoped it might one day find its way to PSVR. This could be a fitting substitute, however.

No word on release details just yet but the developer did say to expect a teaser trailer to show up within the next few weeks.