VR Game Rec Room Received ‘Fancy Pants’ Update – MMO Game News

VR Game Rec Room Received ‘Fancy Pants’ Update – MMO Game News


The impressively popular social VR game Rec Room recently received a ‘Fancy Pants’ update, adding more than 100 new items for players to customize their avatars. As detailed on the game’s Steam news page, the update fixes a number of bugs, increases the level cap along with retuned XP rewards and level curves, and adds new community event features.


The new items should please anyone looking for a virtual makeover, with over 100 “dresses, shirts, hats, accessories, hairstyles, and gloves”. The level cap has increased from 20 to 30, with “the coolest stuff is available at the higher levels,” naturally.

Community event hosts are now marked with a crown icon, have the ability to kick players without a vote, and the host is “guaranteed a spot in their own event.”


Since developers Against Gravity received a major funding boost in February, updates have arrived thick and fast, adding new features, quests, maps, and fixes. A major update a few months back brought the game’s second quest, Rise of the Jumbotron, a four person cooperative mini-campaign where players battle through challenging enemies to reach the end.